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Green Smoothies
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Saturday 10/4
9:30 - 11:00AM

One Pot Wonders
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Thursday 10/10 
7:00 - 9:00PM

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Savvy Mom's
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Get the Scoop on Gluten
Monday 10/21, 6:30 - 7:30PM

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Sunday 10/25,  7:30PM
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Be sure to check out my new favorite veg, shopping spot
Dekalb Farmers Market

Tired of trying new diets? Frustrated with gripping habits and stubborn pounds? Consider customized, hands-on nutrtion coaching. Experience transforming results bite at a time.

Top 10 Most Nutrient Dense Foods:


Collard greens

Swiss Chard

Bok choy








Many magazine articles tell me what I should eat...'superfoods', low-fat, complex carbs, cholesterol lowering, heart healthy...

The real question is:


How can I make these changes and still enjoy what I eat?

How can I lose weight and really keep it off?

How can I make permanent changes to support my long term health?

How can I eat healthy and affordably with a fast-paced lifestyle?

With the  accountablitily and the customized plans of personal coaching, your best intentions can become a reality.

Our results driven, three or six month programs make it possible for you to Embrace Health Today!

Our coaching is hands-on and designed to fit your health, (taste!) and lifestyle needs. Within days, clients report feeling increased energy  and mental clarity. Within weeks, noticeable weight-loss, physical stamina and growing confidence.

Customized coaching includes:

  • In-depth health and goal assessments
  • Meeting with your current health-care provider
  • Customized diet and exercise strategies
  • Cooking instruction
  • Meal planning
  • Support for eating on the run, or while traveling
  • Shopping and label reading education
  • Ongoing accountability


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With a 25 year background in pastoral counseling and plant-based nutrition, Patti Lombardi  brings a compassionate, knowledgeable, energetic style to her nutrition work. One size never fits all! Let Patti customize a plan that meets you where you are, while empowering you to see measurable results quickly.

Her sole focus is your sustained success You will experience tangable changes that dramatically improve your health and the health of your family.